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Why is fresh-roasted so important?

Roasted Coffee is at its best in the first 7-10 days; after that period the flavor begins to decline, as roasted coffee has a short shelf life despite the best packaging. Vacuum-packing is not proven to extend storage life significantly. It is always better to buy small amounts of coffee for use over a short period of time, for example one week.




Which grind shall I choose?

It depends on your method of brewing (see chart below). The rule of thumb is, the longer the brewing time, the coarser the coffee.

Brewing Method
Water per cup
Brewing time
french press
French Press
coarse cup6 oz tbsp 3-4 minutes
medium cup6 oz tbsplight 1 minute
(automatic normally)
fine cup4 oz
(“single shot”)
tbsp steam
(a few seconds)

Myth #1: “If I brew it longer, the flavor will be stronger”

The length of the brew depends directly on your brewing method (see above) – if you brew coffee beyond the recommended time, the coffee will simply taste bitter, as it brings out the bitter oils.

Myth #2: “If I use a finer ground, the flavor will be stronger”

Again, the grind coarseness depends on the brewing method (see above). If you use a fine grind in a french press for example, the flavor will be ruined.

Do you do home delivery?

Coming soon, you will be able to order your coffee online and have it delivered to your home. For now, please visit our location to pick up your coffee (see below).

Where can I purchase your coffees?

Come to our shop and buy it where it’s the freshest! Coming soon, you will be able to order your coffee online from home.

1st floor KHA-47-1
Pragati Sharani
Shahajapur, Badda, Dhaka 1212