Medium Roast

  • A sweet, low acidity, balanced bodied coffee with a hint of nutty taste. Brazil Santos is noted for its mild acidity, along with a wonderfully balanced body and taste. Not overwhelming, yet not lacking substance. Even though nearly 75% of Brazil’s coffee farms are considered small farm plantations (less than 10 acres each) Brazil has one of the coffee industry’s best, most advanced coffee processing systems. It’s no wonder Brazil is the world’s leading coffee producer. Brazil Santos gourmet coffee beans are processed using the natural dry method. The coffee bean is dried inside the cherry so that some of the fruit’s sweetness is evident in the deliciously tasteful brewed cup of coffee.
  • Full bodied, lively acidity, deep pungent flavour enhanced with citrous notes and a subtle smokiness.
  • Cupping Notes: Earthy, nutty aroma; pleasing acidity and mouth-feel Rich, bright cup with smooth mouth-feel. Tarrazu refers to the region of the country, the top coffee-producing area in Costa Rica. The high elevation of the region yields only SHB (Strictly Hard Bean) coffee. Medium Roast
  • One of our signature blends highlighting our partnership with the Chittagong Hill Tract farmers. This blend of Chittagong and imported coffees is a true experience as very few people around the world have yet to taste this new coffee. Here we celebrate NORTH END’s investment in the lives of indigenous farmers to promote coffee farming in Bangladesh. Medium Roast